Natural Declaration Solo Exhibition

September 18th, 2009 | Exhibitions | Shyh Charng Lo | No Comments

Shyh-Charng Lo, who holds an MA in museum studies, once spent ten years working at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. But his deep love for art provided him with the resolve to leave his job and engage in the full-time pursuit of a creative career. His archeological background and experience with museum work had brought Lo into contact with the finest artifacts of human civilization, shaped and sifted by the tides of historical time, which deepened his awareness of the meaning of art. It is this broad view that has allowed Lo to hold steadfastly to his own creative approach amid the shifting currents of artistic trends.

Lo realized that only by eliminating the dross and retaining the essentials could article come to reveal true feeling. He thus strives to derive simplicity from complexity, reducing his compositions to the purest colors and the most simplified scenic elements, and by so doing, he captures a sense of the beauty of purity and simplicity. Lo’s work exudes a tranquil yet elegant air, reflecting the inner personal development of the artist himself and his spirit of humanism. An artist is like a seeker after truth, and in Lo’s works we hear the echo of his eternal pledge to nature. In them, he opens a window away from the everyday world, and we are greeted by a bracing gust of fresh Canadian air. Fatigue is washed away as our eyes take in the pure beauty of his natural scenes, and our spirit is refreshed as if by the gushing of a live, flowing spring.

Date: Sep 18, 2009 – Oct 11, 2009
Venue: 99 Degrees Art Center (Shanghai, China)
Artist: Lo Shyh-Charng
Organizer: 99 Degrees Art Center (Shanghai, China)

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