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The Art of Shyh Charng Lo

June 5th, 2004 | Articles & Reviews | Shyh Charng Lo | No Comments

Article by Dr. Michael S. Duke, Ph.D. Professor of Chinese, University of British Columbia “Build your hut amid human habitations, but don’t be bothered by the noise of cart and horse.” Shyh-charng Lo’s old-style Vancouver home is nothing like Tao Qian’s thatched hut, but it is situated on a busy thoroughfare leading from the City […]

A Long and Difficult Journey in the Pursuit of Art

June 5th, 2003 | Articles & Reviews | Shyh Charng Lo | No Comments

On the Development of Shyh-Charng Lo’s Painting Among the Chinese painters who I came to know during the latest several years, Shyh-Charng Lo is one of those who made the deepest impression on me. He is humble, reticent, generous, and has devoted all his energy and talent to his art. He is an extremely sincere […]