Shan Shui

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The Solo Exhibition of Oil Paintings of Lo Shyh-Charng OVERVIEW Date: March 28 – April 16, 2014 Venue: Howard Salon, 160 Jen Ai Rd, Sec 3, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Opening Reception: March 29th from 3–5 pm. Artist will be in attendance.

In Search of Yi — Oil paintings by Lo Shyh-Charng

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OVERVIEW Date: Oct 3 – 25, 2013 Venue: Art Beatus Gallery, 50 Peel Street, G/F, Central (SOHO), Hong Kong Opening Reception: October 3rd from 6–8 pm. Artist will be in attendance. For the past 24 years, Lo Shyh-Charng depicts on one theme only —mountains and water. His painting routine, as he says, is very much […]

Shyh Charng Lo Solo Exhibition

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OVERVIEW Date: Oct 11, 2012 – Nov 8, 2012 Venue: Providence University Art Centre, 200 Chung Chi Road, Taichung, Taiwan Opening Reception: October 16th at 3:30 pm

Golden Age Artists Group Show

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OVERVIEW Date: Apr 10, 2010 – May 2, 2010 Venue: 99 Degrees Art Center (Shanghai, China) Artist(s): Chiu Hsiente, Jiang Zhixin, Li Suntta, Lo Shyh-Charng Organizer: 99 Degrees Art Center (Shanghai, China)

Remarkable Taiwanese Artists Group Shows

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REMARKABLE TAIWANESE ARTISTS GROUP SHOWS - CLASSIC ARTISTSRemarkable Taiwanese Artists Group Shows – Classic Artists

Taiwan has inherited the great Chinese cultural legacy, and given its exceptional historical circumstances and the impact of numerous foreign influences on its culture, it has produced a number of outstanding artists. The artistic climate in Taiwan features great diversity, and the tremendous creativity that it fosters is giving its artists a dynamic presence in the international scene.

Natural Declaration Solo Exhibition

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Shyh-Charng Lo, who holds an MA in museum studies, once spent ten years working at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. But his deep love for art provided him with the resolve to leave his job and engage in the full-time pursuit of a creative career. His archeological background and experience with museum work had brought Lo into contact with the finest artifacts of human civilization, shaped and sifted by the tides of historical time, which deepened his awareness of the meaning of art. It is this broad view that has allowed Lo to hold steadfastly to his own creative approach amid the shifting currents of artistic trends.

Drawn Together

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Art Beatus (Vancouver) is pleased to present “Drawn Together” featuring the works of Katie Cheung, Taiga Chiba, Tomoyo Ihaya, Junichiro Iwase, and Shyh-Charng Lo. Drawing can appear in many forms and these five local artists have been brought together to show their diverse, one-of-a-kind pieces ranging from ink on paper and watercolours to mixed media works in a special exhibition much-devoted to the theme of drawing.

The Art of Shyh Charng Lo

June 5th, 2004 | Articles & Reviews | Shyh Charng Lo | No Comments

Article by Dr. Michael S. Duke, Ph.D. Professor of Chinese, University of British Columbia “Build your hut amid human habitations, but don’t be bothered by the noise of cart and horse.” Shyh-charng Lo’s old-style Vancouver home is nothing like Tao Qian’s thatched hut, but it is situated on a busy thoroughfare leading from the City […]

A Long and Difficult Journey in the Pursuit of Art

June 5th, 2003 | Articles & Reviews | Shyh Charng Lo | No Comments

On the Development of Shyh-Charng Lo’s Painting Among the Chinese painters who I came to know during the latest several years, Shyh-Charng Lo is one of those who made the deepest impression on me. He is humble, reticent, generous, and has devoted all his energy and talent to his art. He is an extremely sincere […]